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Highway Driving Safety Tips to Keep You Safe on the Road

Highway Driving Safety Tips to Keep You Safe on the Road

Peter Fazekas

Highways are unavoidable - they help us get where we need to go, and quickly. However, without practicing proper highway driving safety, you could find yourself in an accident.

While driving on the highway, you're not the only one you have to worry about - there are also other drivers that you can't control. However, with our tips, you'll be able to prepare yourself to be as safe as possible while driving on the highway.

  • Obey posted speed limits. What may sound like a no-brainer is a rule that is typically broken. Although you may feel like the speed limit is too slow, keep in mind that those restrictions are there for a reason! You may not know the topography of the land, and the modest speed limit could be in place to protect you from a steep hill, a windy turn, or a traffic buildup.

  • Don't become distracted. Modern vehicles do a wonderful job of providing us with all the novelties and extra features that we might not need, but we love. Digital screens with custom temperature gauges, custom radio tuning, and so much more can distract us from the road while we're driving. It's important to tune everything out but the road when you're driving on the highway to prevent causing an accident. The most important distraction to avoid? Texting and driving. Try locking away your phone in the center console if you feel like it's a distraction while you're in the driver's seat.

  • Don't play your music too loud. Although it's great to drive around listening to your favorite tunes, it can be dangerous when you're on the highway. It could potentially prevent you from hearing important sounds that let you know danger is ahead. For example, if you have your music blasting and attempt to change lanes on the highway, you may not hear another vehicle honking their horn to warn you that they're in your blind spot. It can also make it hard to hear sirens from emergency vehicles.

These tips can help you get where you're going safely. Not only that, but you can rest assured that you're protecting others on the road as well!

Bonus tip — be sure that your car is properly insured by a trusted insurance agency like Jefferson-Lewis et. al. School Employees' Healthcare Plan to ensure that you and your vehicle are covered in case of an accident.